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Mold Remediation




Property owners must act quickly when water damage is suspected.  Signs of mold growth require an expert, like Ameristeam Cleaning and Restoration, Inc., to repair any leaks or moisture problems immediately.  Areas that need containment from non-contaminated areas will be sealed using 6 mil poly sheeting if needed.  Air scrubbers and/or negative air machines will be used during demolition and prior to treatment to clean the air and prevent cross-contamination.  Compromised building materials will be sealed and bagged.



The first step is a comprehensive inspection of the home or building to assess the extent of the problem. The effects of water and mold damage can be unsafe and costly if not treated immediately. Once contaminated areas are discovered through testing and visual inspection, a remediation plan will be developed.
We inspect buildings of all sizes, including homes with attics, basements, and crawl spaces. We assess damages caused from mold and moisture as well as find any additional problems. We conduct professional moisture audits to help us detect what is actually occurring. Identifying and fixing the problem correctly is our promise to our customers.


Ameristeam uses a non-toxic, environmentally safe enzyme technology to treat microbial growth. Our technology is applied with equipment which treats the air, surfaces, wall cavities, and HVAC systems. Our certified technicians are trained and equipped with proper personal protective equipment. Once contaminated areas are discovered through testing and visual inspection, a remediation plan will be developed.  All contaminated areas will be treated, including air, surfaces, and HVAC system. The entire contaminated area will be HEPA vacuumed. Immediate Mold Removal & Remediation by Ameristeam will begin the mold remediation recovery process.  

Our expertise as water damage restoration and mold remediation specialists allows us to ensure that the damage to your property will be tended to with care and repaired with the highest level of efficiency. 
Don't wait to get help!  Call Ameristeam today for professional Mold Remediation. No job is too small or too large for our trained team of experts.
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